And, so, a new blog.

Chances are you're reading this knowing that I maintain the blog for Z&A Productions (and/or The Femdom Hunt blog, when the hunt is under way). You might, then, be wondering why I feel the need to have another blog. The reason is pretty simple: sometimes I see or notice things (in Second Life) that I want to write about but which aren't really directly Z&A things. I don't want to use Z&A as a soapbox for my own views (which Zardia might or might not share), neither do I want to dilute the purpose of the Z&A blog with any random rambling of mine.

So, what can you expect here? Well, for one thing, expect it to be infrequent. I can't imagine I'll be adding that much. I can't imagine I'll be blogging daily (even weekly might be impressive). What I will be doing is, when the urge strikes, writing about issues that I feel the need to write about, and perhaps talk about products I've purchased in SL (so, yeah, perhaps the odd mini-review). These products are very likely to be RLV, BDSM, D/s or Femdom-related.

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