VT "end of the old build" dance

Yesterday afternoon we gathered over at VT, for the last ever dance on the version of the region we've known for a couple or so years. It's been a pretty significant location for me for all sorts of reasons, not least of which is the fact that the "Cloudrider" was where I had my first ever dance with Mistress (an event that ended up with me moving country in RL around 18 months later). So it was a little odd to imagine it going away, but also fun to go have a dance on the ship one last time.

And, come Friday, there'll be a brand new build, a new-look region, to have some fun in.

As always happens, while dancing and enjoying the company, I let me camera roam and I grabbed photos of everyone around us. You can find all of those images over on Google Photos.


  1. Would you like to clarify that you moved countries to live with me, not escape from me? :D

    1. I'll let the reader decide for themselves what's more likely. :P