The unnecessary script

I bought this unitard/bodysuit thing the other day:

I love it. I'm never taking it off ever again. At least not until the next thing I have to wear.

Only.... there's a thing that bugs me about it. This particular one is for the Maitreya mesh body but it doesn't auto-alpha out of the box; neither is it a perfect skin-tight fit so it does need some alpha work. That's not a problem of course, I can use the body HUD and I can then use the Maitreya auto-alpha script to make it auto-alpha for me.

Ideally I'd drop the script inside the item of clothing -- saves having to make a separate object that I have to add to any outfit -- but, as with many items of clothing, it's no-mod. And this is where it gets a bit silly and a bit unnecessary and where it bugs me.

Looking inside the item of clothing I see this:

A bloody "no rez" script. The sort of thing that, when you rez the item on the ground, it patronises you and then calls llDie.

So, for no real sensible reason I can detect, I have to carry around a script that reports that it will happily use up to 64k of script memory (why can't the author at least use llSetMemoryLimit to reduce that?) while doing nothing other than stopping me from rezzing it out. Worse, trying to stop me from rezzing it is a complete waste of time because all I have to do is find a plot with scripts turned off:

Meanwhile.... the Maitreya auto-alpha script can achieve the auto-alpha thing and it has support for the pointless no-rez thing built in as an option. Even better: it does this in a script that will use a maximum of 16k of script memory!

So.... dear clothing makers, please, please, think though your options and reasons before you drop a script into an item of clothing -- chances are all you're doing is adding scripts to avatars for no good reason whatsoever.

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