VT spring colours dance

Yesterday Miss Eve kicked off a new week of themed dances at VT with a party whose theme was "Spring Colours". While the invite said there was no real dress code -- the theme was more for the music than anything -- people were invited to dress in ways that made them feel spring-like, or that involved spring-like colours.

I tried my best to convince Mistress that black is a very spring-like colour but she was having none of it and told me she'd be deciding my outfit for me and that it'd likely involve pink!

Thankfully, I didn't need to worry too much as she ended up picking a rather "me" outfit in the end, I thought.

While dancing away I did my usual thing of letting my camera wander and taking photos of those around us. You can see the results in an album over on imgur.

That wasn't quite the end of my might though. Apparently I'd been a little cheeky to Mistress (in a nice way, of course) and she felt it needed dealing with when we got home. So when we got back I was dropped in my cell, stripped of my new dress, had a set of cuffs slapped on me and locked in them and in the outfit!

So that's how I've woken up this morning, cuffed in a cell with a timer set but no way of seeing it, locked in what I'm (almost not) wearing, and with no prospect of being able to dress again until late on tonight when I next see Mistress.

This could be a chilly day!