The Scarecrow

There's actually a bit of a story behind 2 of the 3 gifts made available by Z&A in The Femdom Hunt VI. One of them is intended for subs and is one of Z&A's 2 gifts. The other is intended for Dommes (or subs -- subs can own things to get locked on, or so I'm told) and is the Raven Park gift. Their design is inspired by a picture I've known for a long time and which Mistress has loved since she first saw it back in July.

Given that there's a fair bit of work goes into planning TFH I try and decide and make the Z&A and Raven Park gifts as early as possible. This year I wasn't quite sure what to do. But when Mistress fell in love with an image from Xrenderer, called Scarecrow, I had an idea: I'd make it for her, in SL, and it would then be one of the gifts.

As well as making the actual device I also made what appear to be the nipple bells the sub is wearing in the image.

She was, and is, delighted.

Last night we finally got around to doing something we've being meaning to do since I got to work on the build: recreate the scene, in our own way, in Second Life. Here's the result:

It's not a perfect one-for-one; it's not really intended to be. It is us, with things we made and gathered, and together we created our own version. It's not a perfect one-for-one, but it was perfectly fun to do.

And now a version of it is above the fireplace of the new house (which I should write about at some point).