Yet another case of "Check your sources"

Yet another one to add to the "Check your sources" thing. I just saw this posted into group chat of one of the groups I'm in:
WARNING  !!!!!!
Wednesday, 23 Nov 2011 11:03:57 GMT
Never accept something from: [removed]
It's already proven he spreads a hud that takes all the money from your account.
Leaving aside the fact that this sort of thing is a great way to Joe Job someone, and leaving aside the fact that a HUD can only give away money unless you give it permission to give away your money (unless you know of an exploit that gets around this -- in which case shut the hell up and go report it to the Lab), the above still makes no real sense.

Think about it: if there really is an avatar giving out a HUD that "steals" money (and let's assume for a moment that the HUD uses the usual permissions to get the rights to take money and so works in the idea that a subset of people will be ignorant, or stupid, enough to accept the permission request), how will banning them from your plot stop this?

If your plot is a subset of a region then they can see and be near your plot. But that misses the point. You could ban them from every plot in the region, or do a full estate ban, and the problem wouldn't be solved because you don't need proximity to hand out items.

Seriously, if you wanted to pull this sort of thing off, wouldn't you just join a busy group, work through the members connected to chat, or even the whole membership list, and just drop a copy on each one in turn. And do that from anywhere you like on the grid.

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