New workshop

It's around six years since I last made a new workshop. The one I made back in 2011 has served me well. It's had a few tweaks along the way, but it has mostly stayed the same. The one big change was the addition of a big platform surrounding it so that I could do lots of testing when I originally started work on the Z&A vehicles.

Given that I've recently rewritten the Z&A vehicle system I've being spending a lot of time out on that platform, and will continue to do so for a good few weeks yet as I carry on making "refits" of the existing vehicles (and also building some new ones -- do keep an eye on the Z&A blog of that's of interest to you). Because of this it's bugged me slightly that the vehicle development/test platform wasn't really "part" of the workshop. It surrounded it, I could get to it from the workshop, but I could only do that by walking through a phantom wall. For some time I've wanted an actual door, or something.

So, yesterday, I finally cracked and built a brand new workshop from the ground up. I started with the platform, made a sort of "garage" area as the base of the workshop, and then built up from there. It ended up being quite a big structure!

The build itself is a mixture of prims and mesh. It's mostly prims (so I can rez other prims against floors, walls, ceilings, etc, without any sort of rezzing errors) but with a bit of mesh here and there to help keep the land impact down on the more complex shapes. Normally the "complex shape" thing would not be a problem, but I also wanted to add some materials too, which meant everything would end up under the newer land impact accounting system -- LI20 or more for a single cut/hollowed prim is a bit much after all.

Internally it's still similar to all the old workshop layouts. There's a main floor for normal build activities that also has a mezzanine floor for me to hang out on while working on small stuff and while scripting.

Above the main build floor is another build floor aimed at working on cells, and then above that is a photo studio (which is all black, as I prefer for the background for my vendor boards).

Now to get back to working on the vehicle upgrades, the gifts for the Femdom Hunt VII, and working on the hunt itself.

Plus any new project I dream up in the next few months...


VT "Get your motor running" dance

Yesterday afternoon VT returned to a fantastic dance build and theme, with a "Get your motor running" dance. The order of the day was leather and denim and stuff, with lots of rock music. LOTS OF ROCK MUSIC! And no small measure of drink either.


VT jailhouse party

Yesterday afternoon VT continued with its incarceration-theme and had a jailhouse party with Purple as the DJ. This time around I went as Antony and wore one of Mistress' convict uniforms while she displayed her love of the movie Chicago.

Photos from the whole of the dance can be found over on Google Photos.


VT prison party

Yesterday afternoon a new week of dances started at VT, with Miss Eve as the DJ, and inside a prison build. The theme, unsurprisingly, was "Prison". A dance theme doesn't get much more "me" (or Mistress, for that mater), and there was a lot of "us" in it. I wore an ~AC convict dress and the build itself contained a Z&A Concrete Cage, a Z&A Holding Cage and a Z&A Transport Van. All of those things placed in a fabulously stark setting by Miss Eve.

I got a little snap-happy while at the dance (it was a prison, with cells and stuff, of course I did!); you can see all the images over on Google Photos.


VT clockwork dance

Yesterday afternoon saw the return of Purple as the Wednesday DJ, with a theme of "clockwork", with an emphasis on all things Steampunk. Getting ready had to be a bit of a last-minute affair for Mistress and I, and sadly we couldn't stay very long. But we managed to get outfits sorted and dance for an hour: